Build Renovate Extend

We provide a full range of building services from extensive new build projects to expertly considered renovations to tailor made home extensions.

Whatever work you require, Belverdale Building Contractors offers a full guarantee. The expertise of our team and quality of our materials ensures our work is designed to last.

New Builds

As well as renovating, repairing and converting existing properties, we are fully qualified for new-build work. A team of architects, chartered surveyors and structural engineers will guide you through every aspect of building your new home, from planning permission to construction and landscaping. All of our new-build work is guaranteed by Zurich Insurance, meaning that once we have finished the job your new home is protected against the unexpected.


Repairs and renovations are born of necessity. Structural damage, subsidence, leaking roofs, weathered brickwork, damp or damaged gable ends can compromise the integrity of your home. Our trusted team will address your renovation requirements with care and professionalism in order to provide the best reconstruction plan for your property and restore it to its former glory.


A home extension provides extra space without the cost of moving. Whether it’s enlarging an existing area or adding a new kitchen, bedroom or bathroom, we’ll see that your home reaches its full potential.

We provide a comprehensive service and can arrange for planning permission and a chartered surveyor to assess your house and calculate how the proposed extension will work. A thoughtful and well-built extension will increase the space and the value of your home.

Kitchens // Belverdlae Building


Extensions create more valuable living space and are the perfect excuse for a redesign – perhaps you fancy a trendy modern kitchen with a designer breakfast bar, or maybe you want a more traditional farmhouse feel. Whatever your needs, Belverdale Building Contractors can help you make the kitchen of your dreams become a reality. We offer a full planning, development, refurbishment and construction plan.

Bathrooms // Belverdlae Building


Whether you would like to add an en-suite to your bedroom or simply extend your existing bathroom Belverdale Building Contractors can help you.  A bathroom extension can give you the extra space you need to create your perfect room while at the same time increasing the value of your home.

Conservatories // Belverdlae Building


Conservatories and sunrooms bring the outdoors closer to home, as well as adding space, value and light to your property. Contemporary or classic, Belverdale Building Contractors will help you to choose the right kind of conservatory or sunroom for your home.  Using only the highest quality of materials we design and build conservatories that consistently exceed the expectations of our clients.

Loft conversions // Belverdlae Building

Loft conversions

A Belverdale loft conversion is one of the simplest ways to add space and value to your home. Most loft conversions can be approached externally, which means that the work can take place without subjecting the rest of your home to unnecessary mess and disruption.

Our architects will design your new loft with you, potentially converting a dusty attic into the largest and most attractive living space in your home. We take care of the planning permission along with the preparation of building and fire regulation plans, so all you have to decide is how best to use your new-found space.

Cellar conversions // Belverdlae Building

Cellar conversions

Is your cellar filled with old board games and rusty bicycles? Would you like to see more made of the room that never was? Perhaps a wine cellar, home-gym or music studio? Belverdale Building Contractors are specialists in cellar conversions and we can turn that dank hole under your house into a stylish and waterproof living space. We can even turn your cellar into a fully self-contained flat. With an eye for detail and an emphasis on quality, you could have a brand new home right under your feet. Fully qualified, we safeguard against damp, foundation and structural damage.

Grage conversions // Belverdlae Building

Garage conversions

If you’re looking for more living space and you have an unused garage, then your search could be over. Belverdale Building Contractors can help transform your garage from an oil-stained home for old paint cans to a warm, comfortable and well-ventilated habitat.  A conversion can significantly increase the value of your home and give you the extra room you need without the cost and inconvenience of moving home.  Based in Cheshire we have many years experience in carrying out garage conversions for clients throughout the North West.  We use only the best materials to create the perfect solution for your home.

Whatever you want to use the extra space for we can help you plan your garage conversion.

Roofing  // Belverdlae Building


Whatever your roofing problem, we’ll have a solution. Belverdale Building Contractors Ltd are experienced flat, slate, tile, asphalt and felt roofers. We are also specialists in lead roofing, and can restore, repair or replace lead roofs, castings and pipework.  At Belverdale Building Contractors we pride ourselves on the quality of our work.  Using the highest quality of materials we consistently produce an exceptional standard of work that has enabled us to build a reputation as premier roofing experts in Manchester, Liverpool and throughout the North West.  We are proud to guarantee customer satisfaction every time.

Driveways // Belverdlae Building


Belverdale Building Contractors Ltd can design and install your perfect driveway. Our driveways are weed-free, frost-resistant, tough and durable. From cobbles and bricks to pattern-imprinted concrete, we’ll help choose the right design for you.  Operating throughout the North West at Belverdale Building Contractors we provide our clients with the highest standard of service.

If you are thinking of having a new driveway contact Belverdale Building Contractors today.

Flooring // Belverdlae Building


Belverdale Building Contractors Ltd offer a comprehensive flooring fitting and installation service.  Whatever type of flooring you require from carpets to tiles and laminate we can help.  The type of flooring you choose should be both practical and should enhance the overall look of your room.  Choosing a material that best fits your space is an important step in planning the installation and you should give careful consideration to the type of floor you want.

Swimming pools // Belverdlae Building

Swimming pools

A swimming pool is a relaxing and entertaining addition to any home, not to mention the health benefits they offer. A home swimming pool also requires a large investment of time and money, and it’s crucial that you pick the right contractors for the job. From excavation to construction, we’ll take responsibility for each stage of the process and deliver a pool that suits both you and your home. Looking to go smaller? Belverdale Building Contractors Ltd also specialise in hot tubs and spas – smaller, but more affordable and equally refreshing.

Sound system installations // Belverdlae Building

Sound system installations

At Belverdale Building Contractors we have many years experience carrying out sound system installations in homes and commercial buildings throughout the North West.  Every installation we perform is individually designed to suit our customers own individual needs, budget and environment.  For each installation we are on hand to offer our own impartial advice on how to get the most out of your sound system.  Our experienced team know exactly how to design systems for optimum sound quality and can advise on choosing the right equipment and speakers.

Design and planning // Belverdlae Building

Design and planning

How would you like a dream home, designed to your needs and specifications? For no extra cost, Belverdale Building Contractors Ltd offer something that little more special: custom-made design-builds. Whether renovating your existing property or building a new home from scratch, we’ll cater for all your design needs. We offer free advice, from initial sketches all the way through to planning permission, costings, materials and final designs.  Maybe you’d like your very own thatched cottage with a Victorian outhouse and a helicopter pad – nothing is impossible. Perhaps you want to add style and luxury, or maybe you prefer open plan designs to separate rooms. The possibilities are endless but we’ll help you decide on a design that is perfect for you.

Health and safety // Belverdlae Building

Health and safety

All of our employees are extensively trained in Construction Health and Safety Awareness because Belverdale Building Contractors Ltd always put safety first. Personal protection is paramount, as is the safety of our clients and their properties. We are fully insured, and hard hats, solid boots and high-visibility jackets are all issued as standard.